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Bold, rather than brash. Benyei Architectural Studio explores the grandiose effect of restraint in l

The word ‘luxury’ can have quite a breadth of meaning behind it, with each person’s understanding of what constitutes something as luxurious being specific to their own tastes. The problem is that it’s easy to fall into a trap of excess, where numerous displays of wealth and grandeur equate a lavish lifestyle. For any architect, finding their client’s personal understanding of luxury is the first step, and only then can it be tempered to be made subtle and sophisticated. How can lavish elegance be met with the warmth necessary for a family home? How can opulence be moderated yet still be desirable?

Designed by Benyei Architectural Studio

Born from a close cooperation between client and architect, this family home designed by Benyei Architectural Studio is a testament to the sort of building that can come from a bold and compelling idea and an architect that can enhance such boldness while still maintaining a keen eye for sophistication and brevity. And while luxury was an underpinning facet of the build, it was a careful, tactful understanding of moderation that has helped turn it into something noteworthy.