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Streamer Coffee KYO by co.,Ltd

"STREAMER COFFEE KYO" is a cafe in Takayama city, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Takayama city is an area where Japanese traditional townscapes, such as buildings over 300 years ago, are preserved, and there has been still many old-fashioned stores with the Noren* in the town.

Designed by co.,Ltd

According to the characteristics of such areas, the cafe also installs the Noren at the entrance.*Noren is a Japanese shop curtain with its emblem and name hung at the entrance as indicating the category of the business and long-standing history of the shop.

As going through the Noren, visitors can see delicate timberworks on the ceiling and walls in the cafe. These are designs based on traditional Japanese technique, giving the original "lightness" of Japan to the atmosphere inside the cafe. Also, the main elements of the interior design such as the white wall of plaster, light gray mortar, plain tree construction are accompanied to the concept of "lightness".

Although this cafe installs tables and counters like general cafes, it is also placed a space using Tatami, a Japanese straw mat. This aim of using Tatami is not only to be relaxed for Japanese visitors but also to encourage foreign tourists who are increasing in recent years to experience the Japanese traditional style.

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