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Piracaia Residence in Brazil by Nitsche Arquitetos

The residence located in Piracaia, near São Paulo, is a project signed by Nitsche Arquitetos. The house was developed from a cut in the large terrain of 36.600m² with constant slope of 13%, providing the insertion of a concrete basement that houses garage, services and technical areas.

Designed by Nitsche Arquitetos

Photographed by Nelson Kon

On this basis the social and intimate areas of the house develop on a unique, elevated level of natural terrain. The metal structure is guided by seventeen 3.80m modules that sometimes define a room, sometimes house two bathrooms, and sometimes unite in larger spaces such as the covered porch and dining and living rooms.

The large two-layer sandwich metal roof settles over this structure, defining different heights for the environments and allowing ventilation over the interior lining, where pre painted MDF and wooden beams form the structure.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are protected by wooden mashrabiyas that constitute bays in front of the bathrooms and the panel folding doors in the rooms. In the rooms the double height ceiling is guaranteed by the insertion of alveolar polycarbonate panels between the spans of the metal structure.

Large sliding glass doors allow the living rooms and kitchen to blend in with the covered area, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, which the house insists to disrupt, either by the infinity edge pool that visually unites with the dam, where the plot ends.

A large covered free standing space connects intimate and social areas allowing the landscape to cross the house.


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