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"DUCT COFFEE LAB" is a cafe in Daikanyama, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. The Daikanyama area is known as one of the most fashionable places in Tokyo to source the cultural trends. In such area, the cafe is designed modernly based on the concept as a laboratory of coffee.

Designed by co.,Ltd

Such as primitive ceiling lights and the neon tube of light blue, ventilation and wiring ducts, metallic elements of brass and silver, and unevenly painted mortar on the floor, it is made as an inorganic space like an actual laboratory.

In contrast, furniture which is simple and characteristic designs such as a chair that is likely to be used generally in elementary school in Japan, and the plain wooden box as the side table, is based on wood. Accordingly, It is increasing comfortableness for visitors even in such inorganic structure.

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