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Chord Seventh by co.,Ltd

Beauty salon Chord opened 3rd salon named Chord Seventh in the Hamura city in the Tokyo. Chord salon earns popularity from the fashionable young people around this area.

Designed by co.,Ltd

As if it accelerates their momentum, Salon is designed as a contemporary space. Beautiful counter in a white marble tile welcome a customer.

Behind of it, styling chair, wooden big table and chairs and grass box for dressing the kimono are placed in a symmetry way. This is the really key to this space and products a really beautiful space.

As co.,Ltd said that symmetry is the key to this space, but the white and black marble stone tiles are installed on the floor irregularly gives a big flow and contrast to the space.

At the end of the room, there is a shampoo area. Entrance of it is covered by the dark wood material and inside of the space is painted in the orange. Those dark wood and orange color are harmonized beautifully each other and lead the customer to the luxury relaxed time.

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