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Sun's Bazaar by Monique Lee - Mas Studio Ltd.

Based on traditional Asian Bazaar and agricultural culture as blueprint, "Tea. Rice"「茶.米」 is a restaurant serving Asian cuisine and traditional Chinese dishes like rice, porridge, flour, noodles cooked with special seasonings and spices. It partnered with the Taiwanese KiKi food brand to realize a Teahouse and Restaurant under one roof.

Designed to combine Teahouse and Restaurant as One, it adopts Chinese rural cottage elements including arches, vintage glass embossed of Begonia flowers, tea art, rice fields, birds, etc., represented in a fashionable style. Distinctive wall murals build three feature walls. Local mural artist Mr. Smile Maker was invited to create the wall art on spot.

Meanwhile, the design is aimed to recall the "Pleasure of Simplicity" through the raw and basic environment that most urban dwellers may have forgotten. To understand the basic needs of human beings – rice (basic food) and tea (water) are in fact the source of happiness. Most importantly, to inspire thoughts and draw attention to the importance of environmental protection, damages to the eco-system resulting from excessive urbanization and material life.

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