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Roma Restaurant by Studio Gal Gerber

An Italian restaurant located in tira offering customers a variety of Italian fusion food. The restaurant, which extends to nearly 300 square meters, includes a vast dining area, a covered balcony, a kitchen and an area designated to T.A reservations.

Designed by studio gal gerber

photos by gidon levin

The restaurant was planned and designed with various areas which allow its owners to hold private events without closing the whole restaurant.

We created a light partition with elliptical elements (wooden\net frames by Thonet( which enable to create a private space without burdening or harming the open space look and feel.

Two separate entrances separate the customers who come to dine in the restaurant from those who come to pick up their T.A reservations.

The design embodies a combination ofclassic materials (Italian bricks, Thonet nets) and modern materials and elements (various metals and concrete).

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