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Codiagro Office by Vitale

Codiagro is a pioneering company in research, and a leading innovator of biostimulant products and plant nutrition. The corporative interior design project by

Vitale aims to combine both concepts in order to convey the company’s values and culture. On the one hand, to show innovation as the cornerstone of the company and, on the other, to represent the interconnection between plant health and nature. To give the space warmth and positive energy in order to eradicate the cold and dark aspect of the current installations.

Designed by Vitale

This first phase includes the renovation of 310 m2 of the ground floor of the offices, the outside entry area to the building and one room for events and meetings on the top floor.

The project should take into account that this was a contained intervention in terms of costs and completion dates, with the space in use during its transformation. Many existing items had to be reused or cosmetically modified, such as a large number of the dividing walls, the glass enclosures, the flooring, the ceilings, the stairs or the outside area.

The project proposes a pleasant and stimulating environment, which conveys to the visitor the link between the brand and the plant kingdom. Materials, textures and colours are introduced which evoke that natural essence, but also geometries and finishings with a futuristic look. Wood, smooth finish mortar, resin, coloured glass, etc. with the aim of combining plant health and innovation.

The creative approach to interior design is based on the morphology of plant leaves and of cultivated fields. These organic patterns decompose into lineal geometries with an innovative nature that makes up much of the furniture and the separators which act as distribution elements.

The reception area is now extended to the centre of the main exhibition space, in order to be converted into the main axis of the remaining functional areas. A large solid surface block with a backlit green plot welcomes us at the entrance, with access on one side to the offices and to the waiting areas and meetings with suppliers on the other. This area is bounded by wooden separators which were designed for the project, with changes in the flooring. The wood-effect vinyl floor covering provides a warm contrast to the furniture and the glass dividing walls. Only 3 mm thick, this is an optimal solution for covering the pre-existing ceramic flooring in the space and for improving the thermal and acoustic comfort.

The waiting area combines the organic look of the Arper Leaf Chair with the futuristic lines such as those in the Faz table by Vondom. The glass parameters are

customised with the corporate colour and a carpet is fitted to provide greater comfort and warmth.