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Urban Apartment by Vitale

The refurbishment project aims to completely redesign a 126 m2 urban apartment. With the premise of maximising spaces and optimising the surface area of the home and adapting them to the lifestyle of the owner, a timeless, masculine and contemporary home is designed. The lighting and a convenient layout are of particular importance.

Designed by Vitale

The rectangular layout clearly separates the day area (with the kitchen separated from the living room with a glass partition) from the night area, which consists of 2 bedrooms, an office and two bathrooms.

The main entrance becomes a tunnel covered with a smoked mirror that amplifies the space and hides a large storage cupboard. The tunnel ends in the distributor which gives access to the kitchen through a doorway lined with oak slats. The centrepiece of the kitchen is a spectacular island clad in Silestone Eternal Marquina that