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FOODOO by balbek bureau

FOODOO is part of the metropolitan pub chain "This is Pivbar", created in a style of a fast-casual restaurant. It is located in the residential district Levyi Beregin Kyiv, Ukraine.A small area of ​​130 m2, including kitchen appliances, comfortably accommodates up to 54 guests. There is a take away zone by the entrance, featuring cantilever seating. Customers can be seated at small tables on the cylinder-shaped seats, while waiting for their take-away orders.

Designed by balbek bureau

Photo credits: Yevhenii Avramenko

balbek bureau team faced several tasks. First of all, architects were to implement the project within a short time frame – 100 days only from the signing of the contract until the opening of the establishment. Moreover, the fast lunch concept was emphasised by the client; therefore, it was important to make seating provision for the high levels of attendance and table turnover. At the same time, the design had to be practical, durable and be realizable at a maximum speed in future restaurant projects for the same chain.

Keeping in line with the democratic design format, the architects offered a concise and practical interior solution. The company color - green - was used as a main hueof the color scheme. In combination with the basic monochrome palette and faux leather, architects managed to emphasize the elegant simplicity of functional minimalism. As for the furniture selection, the authors of the project gave preference to Ukrainian brands.

The design of the restaurant is not overloaded with bright colors and decor elements. Instead, the balbek bureau team paid a lot of attention to architectural design of the interior.

There is a shadow seam within a joint between the ceiling and walls, created with a hidden aluminum profile. The contrast adds sophistication to the space, seemingly lifting it up.

The flooring is made of marmoleum, which is a natural highly-durable material. Due to its ecological characteristics, the architects chose marmoleum as finishing material for the bar counter.

Following the concept of seamless flow of vertical planes into horizontal, the architects used steel profile that helped to achieve the effect of smooth transition of walls into the floor. Absence of a classic joint line between the floor and walls created pictorial cleanliness and visual lightness.


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