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The Store by Studio Minio

Architect Kryštof Blažek of studio minio is the designer behind the interior of The Store, a luxury boutique on Široká Street in central Prague. The design focuses on the use of neutral colour tones to achieve an interior that feels austere and muted. Combinations of materials and colours have been intentionally subdued so that the products themselves can take centre stage. Because the boutique offers a vast quantity of articles of various shapes, colours and fabrics and each new collection always showcases a unique colour scheme, the interior is simple, almost monochromatic. Unfortunately, the selection of boldly coloured upholstered furniture was not based on studio minio’s design.

The materials used in the design are unfinished concrete, aged bleached oak, coatings and coverings in shades of grey, and black metal for structures. Brass elements, velvet drapes, velvet cladding and contemporary-style lighting add an upscale touch.

The interior design for The Store includes: a three-metre-long solid oak table; a three-door bleached oak armoire; black square-tube clothing racks anchored to the wall, floor and ceiling; wood boxes of various sizes; white lacquered boxes of various sizes; concrete boxes of various sizes; free-standing square-tube clothing racks; a three-tiered oak shoe display; shoe stands; a velvet wall with brass pegs and clear Plexiglas shelves; a long bleached oak rack with a brass base; built-in grey-tone wardrobes; a brass-toned balusters with a solid oak handrail; a kitchenette with a black stone counter; brass coat hooks; a rolling black coffee table with a marble table top and brass details; a two-metre bleached solid oak chest of drawers; sets of nesting metal tables with white marble tops; a free-standing mirror in a solid oak frame; an eight-metre built-in wardrobe with two gold niches; velvet-covered double sliding doors; two gold cashier’s desks with light pink marble counters; a stand-alone brass rotating mirror; and a six-step concrete stairway between the entry area and the sunken ground floor.

All down to the last millimetre by studio minio

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