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Ecohouse Module S 22 by Ilya Shevchenko

Ecohouse Module S 22 is a prefabricated series of "growing" houses made of natural materials.

Designed by Ilya Shevchenko

The 22-square-meters house was developed with the possibility of stage-by-stage construction with an option of future expansion to 100-square-meters one. The first module includes everything you need - hallway, bathroom (with washing machine, shower, toilet, sink), quiet area with bedding on the 2nd floor.

This project ensures high technical characteristic - load-bearing walls are erected with pre- fabricated straw panels. Straw bales are pressed into a strong wooden frame. The house kit is brought piecemeal and erected in 2-3 days.

The straw panel's thickness is 200-400 mm. It exceeds heat-insulating indicators of wooden walls more than twice, brick walls - more than 3 times. The heat loss corresponds with the European standard of passive houses.

Technology advantage is the eco-friendly manufacturing, as pressed straw insulation is a renewable natural resource, used in construction instead of being disposed of, production does not leave construction waste. Pressed straw does not burn and does not emit harmful substances.

Microhouse is located on the rocky coast of Crimea like a seagull. The strong terrace console looks out from the dense site vegetation and reveals unexpected inaccessible views of the coast from a 5-6 meters height. Each window is a unique view of the mountains on the left and early sunsets on the right. The terrace hides the main facade with a wide window from the annoying passersby eyes. The house is equipped with solar panels that provide from 70 to 100% of the consumed energy. Sewerage is autonomous.

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