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Geometric Wall and Table Clock by The Iron Roots Designs

This Modern and Minimalist clock offers an aesthetically clean way to bring time into your home. Built with 3 layers of American hardwood, this modern geometric wall clock is both edgy and elegant. Designed to resemble a large quartz crystal, this clock sits comfortably on a table or mantel, or hangs securely from the wall.

Choose from two different hardwood combinations hand-finished with several coats of natural oils and wax for a warm and safe luster. Due to the unique nature of wood and our building process, each clock will have individual wood grain patterns and unique geometric shapes.

Proudly built in Portland, Oregon by The Iron Roots Designs

At the Iron Roots Designs, we love exploring Geometric Minimalism. With geometric products like our Geometric Clock, Cactus Planters, Coasters, Hand Mirror, Magnets, and Flower Vase we strive to build pieces that entice the eyes while not being too busy. We are not content creating commonplace items, but rather, uniquely beautiful items.

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