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Brother2Brother by ANDTHENSTUDIO

ANDTHENSTUDIO. have designed and fabricated a new space for luxury streetwear retailer Brother2Brother with the aim of translating finishes and materials from the urban landscape into a digestible and minimalistic luxury streetwear shop. The brief was simply to exceed the successful concept store they had previously created in Reading. This store was to be a backdrop for prestigious brands such as Kenzo, Ami, Valentino, ETQ, Givenchy and Neil Barrett.

Photography & Video: French + Tye

ANDTHENSTUDIO began working with Brother2Brother five years ago when they developed a concept store for the retailer. The relationship has evolved since, through likeminded aesthetics and a shared understanding of luxury streetwear.

The design team did extensive research to into their customer base, as well as looking at product and brand drops planned for the next few years to understand where aspiration’s lay. This included visiting the latest concept stores and test sites with Brother2Brother owner Kelvin, who along with the store buyers was heavily involved with the design process.

Each one of their stores has an individual, unique concept with a focus on luxury finishes and an urban landscape. Careful consideration was given to the fact that the store had to feel like an affluent space, so the palette had to be balanced to avoid the urban landscape straying into something that feels industrial or cold.

The resulting design gets a feeling of warmth from oak furniture, all of which was yielded from one reclaimed tree trunk supplied by a specialist lumberjack in Kent. The floor was made from hand poured resin with three layers of tone to create a unique marbling effect. Another impressive finish is the corrugated clay wall with aggregate. The surface was shaped by hand on-site before the material hardened to give the corrugated look.

Following the project, the team at ANDTHENSTUDIO. have continued a strong relationship with Brother2Brother and are already planning another collaboration on a lifestyle focussed flagship store. Brother2Brother have received enquiries from new and established luxury brands who are keen to be stocked in the space which has been regarded as one of the most aspirational stores in Northern England.

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