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Soeurs - Canteen & Coffee Shop by Paris Brooklyn

Above all this project is a family story: that of Mathilde and Emilie. Located in the heart of the 8th district of Paris, this canteen is a place in their own image: lively and warm! The open kitchen allows to create a real proximity and permits to highlight their will of not hiding anything from their customers.

Designed by Paris Brooklyn

To tell you a little more about it, this project was really close to my heart because the original story of the two owners echoed my relationship with my own sister.I would love to work with my sister every day !

Obviously their relationship has guided all aspects of the project wether in the inspirations, spatial organization or in the choice of material associations.

At first they wanted to recreate a family home kitchen...and then their desire to bring a little bit of nature into their environment, as well as the space itself, have led us to think of the place as a patio or an indoor terrace.

So we integrated materials in accordance with this idea : Zelliges tiles, stone mosaic and a lot of wood ! Even the plants were treated as a material so that they determined the colours of the walls !

The furniture was selected for its design which could very well be suitable for outdoor use…and the natural light that passes through the large glass bays did the rest !

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