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AK APARTMENT: A Graceful area, with rustic style and pastels by RUA 141 + RAFAEL ZALC

​Apartment of a young woman of 30 years, the project signed by Rua 141 + Rafael Zalc tried to print a gracefull space, with handmade materials of rustic style and pastel tones for the new inhabitant, making the most of the 70sqm of the property.

Interior designer: RUA 141 + RAFAEL ZALC

Photos: Nathalie Artaxo

Another change occurred in the kitchen and laundry: "As these areas were very reduced, we proposed the integration with the living room to increase the entrance of natural lighting and ventilation. This connection between the environments occurs through the apparent concrete bench, which starts in the entrance hall ", explains the architect and partner of Rua 141, Mona Singal.

Rustic and handmade materials, with different colors and textures, were chosen to compose this project. One took advantage of the tile, which is an old material, but it was proposed with a contemporary design, with only pastel lines and shades, used on the bathroom floors and in the kitchen.

​​The cement burned on the walls of the bathrooms also make up this rustic atmosphere, made in loco. The concrete of the benches, was produced with wood forms in the work, being designed specifically for that apartment.


​"The blue tone of the kitchen floor has created a freshness that talks to the corrugated cabinetwork, also blue, and shell handlebars," explains the architect. The design of this joinery was widely used in the 1950s, but in this project it gains a rereading with the vibrant blue tone and composition with the hydraulic tile of contemporary design.

The shelf designed in the living room with the sliding door, which gives access to the intimate area, is the protagonist of this environment, which shelters the vegetation and objects of various Brazilian designers. The result is a space full of life and personality.

To bring warmth, the architects chose natural wood, present in the woodwork in all environments. The exposed brick wall and the wooden lining, already present in the original apartment, reinforced the rustic language. On the terrace, there was an area for planting on the floor (floor level gardener with the drainage system underneath) and this area was used to plant some species.

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