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MICUB by CuldeSac, Valencia

​A dynamic space to enhance relations between people. Under this brief, Micub is born in the Colón Market, an old gastronomic market and one of the most emblematic buildings in Valencia. CuldeSacTM Custom is the studio in charge of materializing this concept that evokes the culture and tradition of the city, as well as the brand philosophy of Cerveza Turia, the beer of the Valencians.

Designer: CuldeSac

With an aesthetic that takes the visitor to the traditional gastronomic markets, Micub is designed to take care of and pamper ingredients in their purest state. Wrapped in the universe of the Turia brand, the space gives value to the orchard, the roots and the origin of the product. Micub ceases to be a cafeteria in order to retake the essence of the original market. Its bar becomes the central axis of the space and, in it, the products that make up the menu are stored and displayed. Through a design inspired by the traditional storage of the market baskets, a functional bar enhances the product.

The architecture of the space, clean and minimalist, dilutes the physical limits, enhancing the more social character of the place. Its interior structure is made of glass and isn’t provided with roofs, so that visitors can live and feel the soul of the Colón Market during their stay. It is a concept designed for people, which invites to enjoy the space in a dynamic and very spontaneous way.

Through materiality, CuldeSacTM Custom creates a game between the minimal and the functional, the technological and the traditional. Wood and white predominate in the space, respecting and alluding to the aesthetic universe of Cerveza Turia. Steel serves as a contrast and evokes the more industrial character of the place.

The interior design has been generated ad hoc for the project. Through the furniture, a game of heights has been created, giving spontaneity and informality to the space. Its elongated tables and the stone benches of the market invite the guests to interact with the space and enhance the more social side of Micub.

Micub has the Mediterranean DNA of Cerveza Turia impregnated in its architecture and interior design. It is space created to recover the more informal side of tapas in the market. It is a tribute to the gastronomy, tradition and culture of the city and is positioned as a loudspeaker of the beer of the Valencians.

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