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GOOD LIFE by Bogdanova Bureau

​Forest and city, nature and technology - they became the basics that architects of Bogdanova Bureau had taken to create a “Good Life” private house project. Natural wood in contrast to the cold marble slab are the main materials used in the interior. This approach gave warmth and at the same time brought chic into the space of the countryside private house.

Architecture Firm: Bogdanova Bureau Photographer: Roman Shysak, Andrey Bezuglov

Silver birds created by sculptor Aleksey Zolotariov support the main architects’ concept.

The architects together with Blanc furniture company designed a kitchen set with the workspace which is hidden with the help of lift mechanisms especially for this project.

A huge Minotti sofa with a non-standard depth of 1.8 m is set in the living room. It became a real family nest.

The architects of Bogdanova Bureau always pay a special attention to children rooms. Therefore, they designed many individual elements: from children beds to wallpaper prints created together with The O brand.

A bathroom on the second floor with its integrated panoramic window was transformed into a contingent observation post for homeowners.

​​The private house is fully prepared, but the project continues to evolve, and soon there will be a new space for relaxation of adults and children.

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