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Moonne Kitchen Studio by FLAT12x

Moonne Kitchen Studio is the cake shop owned by Le Cordon Bleu graduated apprentices. After a brief run of success as the small shop in the retail shopping mall, This project is designed to be more useful for both owners and customers of the brand. It is the place where the owners can live and develop their own recipes with an extra space allowing customers to experience making cakes intimately by given a chance to witness the shop’s lives open kitchen. The shop interestingly demonstrates a life of cake maker where they can be portraying their lives through their handmade cakes.

Designed by FLAT12x Co., Ltd.

Photos by Chaovarith Poonphol

The project is located in the middle of the newly built area of the Bangkok, Thailand, named Venice Di Iris where overall is inspired by the famous Venetian live and work culture as the little Venice neighbourhood. Architecture design is therefore to fit into the context of shophouses which comes clearly with a big window for displaying the shop defining clarity with transparency in contrast to the strong blue solid wall. Playfully circular windows made in different sizes are arrayed alongside to bring in natural light to the stair hall. Altogether, the shop front engages visitors to the brand’s identity from the front door.

The café is on the ground level adjacent to the street and canal, the kitchen and studio for teaching class are on the second floor, living area and two bedrooms are on the third floor.

The interior design is designed to welcome the guests into the core value of the business. Golden L-shaped counter strongly cherishes visitors to appreciate all the cakes, designing by using two skins of gold laminated finishes; matte and mirrored surfaces on each half of the bar to represent variety of the menu though still share the same DNA. The moon-liked pendant lamps above are also made in half and half finishes echoing the name of the brand, Moonne.

​Flooring by a large classic grey terrazzo which is modernised by a black zig zag pattern giving the café fundamental platform, as strong personality as the brand, whereas curvy dark wood ceiling and furniture are traditionally set to comfort people as cosy as having a sit with a handmade cake at their own homes, freshly made and served by their favourite chefs direct-from-the-kitchen experience.

The kitchen upstairs are less decorated for hard cooking. Two simple white rooms are finished mainly with natural oak wood partitions and doors, where all furnitures are more dark grained with black forest marble topped counter island in the middle of both rooms. Second floor and bedrooms on the third floor are connected through conventional barnhouse sliding wood door, sums up strong identity of the brand.

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