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Open Office Atmosphere in the corporate project signed by Tria Arquitetura

Open VC is a financially young company located in Vila Madalena neighborhood, in São Paulo (Brazil). The challenge of TRIA Architecture office, that is led by the architects Marina Cardoso de Almeida and Sarah Bonanno, was to bring an open office atmosphere to the corporate space, respecting privacy, integration and the identity of the office.

Designed by Tria Arquitetura

Photos by Alessandro Guimarães

The client guideline were three: quick, low-budget and neutral colors for the interiors. With this, the architects chose colors only for punctual locations and introduced natural plants to create a warm working climate.

With the premise of having a loft profile, the program was designed to include the segregated environments at upstairs. Thus, they managed to leave the 1st floor all integrated through a metal shelf leaked, giving the customer an integral view of the space. This bookcase works like a course and joins the two floors once it overcomes the double ceiling, allowing integration and privacy to employees.

With this integration, the architects saw the importance to include a phonebooth for private calls or for moments of concentration. They used a special fabric on all walls and lining to ensure perfect acoustics.

In the staff area, a custom-made workbench was designed to optimize work space and workstations and also to avoid the employee's disposition in front of the other, avoiding the monotony and allowing a conversation. To extend the environment, the black ladder was painted white with the purpose of camouflaging it in space and also used the same cement finish on all pillars to create a unit.

The furniture is important in the aesthetic composition of the environment. Bevelled workstations, in addition to breaking the default configuration, also give a new rhythm to layout design. In addition, the closet that holds the office items doesn´t require the use of handles because of its closure-touch system. This solution brings a new meaning to the doors that come to compose the design of a panel.

The structure of the metal shelf is totally modular, which favors the rapid production and assembly. The square niches that compose it not only store and expose objects, but also receive many plants. The intersection of green breaks the linear design of the shelf, bringing volume, life and color to the environment. In addition, the neutral tones allow the large glass frames to reveal the landscape of the neighborhood, harmonizing interior and exterior.

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