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Students Construct 7 Innovative Tiny Cabins in Hello Wood Festival 2018

Hello Wood started as an art camp in 2010 for students in architecture and design and has grown into a unique international summer school and festival involving more than 70 universities and 30 countries. With the goal of promoting the construction process as a platform for discussion, innovation and exchanging knowledge, the festival provides great opportunity to break down the barriers between different generations.

This year, the 9th Hello Wood International Summer University and Festival has taken place at Hello Wood’s campus in the Hungarian countryside. As part of the week-long Cabin Fever program, students from 65 universities around the world were given the opportunity to build 7 contemporary timber cabins under the theme of "cabin fever".

The most important aspect of Hello Wood’s internationally-renowned, innovative teaching method is that students from all over the world are able to gain practical experience to supplement the abstract, overwhelmingly theoretical classes they had learnt at the university.

At this year’s camp, students were able to see first-hand how a 2D design drawing is used to create a real building. They also got to learn how to apply tin roofing, saw how good insulation works, and became familiar with the layers that make up the walls of the houses. Besides becoming acquainted with the building material and the values of teamwork, students also encountered innovative technological developments.

Below are 7 cabin prototypes which have been constructed by international students' collaborations this year.

1. Grand Cabin Club / Hello Wood