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Sky Tea House by DC Design

Walking on the crisscross footpaths, you will see black bricks and ancient tiles, as well as the mottled shade under the tree. Treading on the grayish black slab path full of historical traces, passing through the busy crowd and turning the corner at Macao Road, you will see Sky Tea House standing there.

Design Company: DC Design

Designer: Lin Kaixin

Co-designer: Chen Xiaodan

Photographer: Wu Yongchang

Sky Tea House is a tea house located at the seventh lane of neighborhood III. Although standing in the busy center, Sky Tea House enjoys the quietness in the corner, like a fairyland far away, counting the relaxed slow time, gently and gracefully.

The ancient rhyme of an ancient house can be felt everywhere even when you are just standing at the door. This rhyme, ancient but refreshing, is not merely the solemnity and quietness, but with some modern breath as appropriate, as if reorganizing the relationship between tradition and modern and between men and space.