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Cozi Lounge by ARTTA Concept Studio

Situated inside Hotel Cozi - Cozi Lounge will take you into another dimension. As the customers walk in from the grand and nature-themed reception with a day time ambience through into a much darker and evening-like environment restaurant and bar for people to relax and unwind in.

Designed by ​ARTTA Concept Studio

Photos by Gigantic Forehead

A unique pattern was created and used around the interiors surrounding, from the use of the different metals to form layers and help enhance the height of this restaurant. We have decorated the restaurant and bar with an Art Deco theme in mind, with a combination of gold and different variety of stones for a sophisticated and elegant finish.

There is a design challenge that Cozi Lounge is located in an industrial area. To provide a relaxing atmosphere and environment to customers, the designers make use of several patterns and combination of materials to create a grand and elegant space, so that customers can enjoy their time in the lounge even in an urban area.

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