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B.Park by PleasantHouse

"Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future."

—— Robert L. Peters “The value of design”

Designed by PleasantHouse

Photo by Feng Jian

Today, as we stroll around Shenzhen OCT-LOFT Park, a special building would be found hiding in the green shade and glowing with a warm light. It is B. Park, the new art life landmark in the city which is designed and implemented by PleasantHouse. The design follows the context of environment and culture to take an all-round transformation on the original old factory building from its exterior architecture and landscape to its interior, extending the modern and natural design concept to every detail that perfectly integrates into the surroundings to release the completely new vitality.

Light and flexible: interactive experience between indoor and outdoor

The design concerns the communication of the culture and art. It blurs the boundaries of indoor and outdoor and emphasizes the interaction and connection among different space. The overall space has a light and understated style with simple materials to create a gentle and friendly artistic atmosphere. The dining space just serves as the supporting facilities for the art activities. Therefore, the place is now known as the "blooming art garden."

The park has kept all the trees of the original site, and the lush treetop grows out to wrap the building afterwards. Bright glasses help to make the shields of surroundings fade away, while the leaves and branches filter the sunshine and all the natural elements to provide the guests with the greatest comfort. Designers set folding glass doors in the corridor especially as a separation between indoor space and outdoor garden. The doors can be flexibly combined and arranged according to functional requirements and also ensure the ventilation and lighting. When they are completely opened, the indoor and outdoor interaction becomes the highlight of the project which conveys a feeling of joy and pleasure to the guests with the natural and artistic ambience.

Art life is readily accesible

B.Park expects to bring an excellent experience of art and culture into our life with an approachable scale. Therefore, we redefine the art space and reject the usual elegant but indifferent design methods but to present the accessible aesthetics and lifestyle. Designers hope to create a pure space and a warm atmosphere. The interior space maintains the original exposed concrete columns and the ground takes cement self-leveling while almost all the ceiling remains original. Generally, we focus on the selection and collocation of material, light and green plants and we aim at creating a relaxed sense of belonging without any excessive decorations.

Texture and temperature: response to the nature

As the main materials of the project, bamboo and concrete have a friendly contact with nature. Pines are chosen as garden pavement with each piece of the board up to 4.8m without any coating. Designers also insist on using craft techniques in order to maintain the integrity of the platform. Bamboo is also used in indoor staircases and shelves to be environmentally friendly, which further reflects the ecological sustainability. Many folding glass door frames are made of slender steel which are welded on site which strengthen the quality sense of structure. Designers choose brass to decorate from logo to the linear structure of the space. Brass has not only the texture of metal but also the warm temperature that helps to weaken the coldness of the white interface and enhance the exquisiteness and delicateness of the space.

Layout promotes free exchanges within space

B.Park consists of nine immersive composite experience spaces including Blooming Art center, the world's second teamLab Art Sensory Restaurant "Flower dancing impression - Art by teamLab", Blooming Whiskey Gallery, Blooming Kitchen and Blooming Greenhouse, etc. There is no obvious streamline intentionally so that people can enjoy the free communication in the space. In the Blooming Art Center, we use transparent and simple interface let the exhibition be the leading role itself. The Blooming Kitchen is inspired by the floating garden concept, with green plants integrated into the wood color to respond to its healthy statement, “Follow the natural changes and take meals on the right time.” The Blooming Greenhouse in the corner of B.Park takes a glass house design, so the light and shade in season changes can be found everywhere which brings happiness with beauty in the busy urban life.

It is worth mentioning that the corridor with a sense of ceremony is an excellent transition between indoor and outdoor, and it is a great place for fashion shows, conferences and art exhibitions etc. In the daytime, sunshine leaves a quiet warm light and shades to the ground. When evening comes, the industrial style chandeliers light up the corridor. When wandering through it, you will enjoy the rich artistic atmosphere. During the night, a group of ball lights flash in the garden, reflecting the brilliant indoor lights which convey a delight and warm feeling.

The design fully respects communication between people and space, which follows the the principle of sustainability so that each guest can explore it with their own pace, making B.Park a spiritual place that people really desire. With its warm and friendly experience and diverse creative cultural art activities, B.Park has become a prestigious place for art life in China.

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