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Junxi Mountain Villa Sales Centre by More Design Office

Designed by More Design Office

Photos by Sicong Sui, Dirk Weiblen

MDO were honoured to be offered the chance to design the interior for a unique piece of architecture situated in the beautiful Liangzhu area, in the northwestern outskirts of Hangzhou.

As designers we are interested in relationships and contrasts; architecture and interior, the rough and the smooth, dark and light, strong and the delicate. Between each is a transition, and opportunity to create an emotion.


For us, the Sales Gallery represents one of these transitions. It is a gateway that visitors encounter on their journey to discover the development. This sense of arrival became our starting point for the entrance hall. A tall processional space which would fill the visitors with a sense of awe and anticipation. A place where we could set the tone and express the developments commitment to refinement and quality.