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SUNNI 67 by Atelier About Architecture

Designed by Atelier About Architecture

Photos by Sun Haiting

Located in the Xinyuanli district in Beijing, SUNNI 67 is a private kitchen featuring fresh ingredients and exquisite culinary skills.

The idea of the design is to create a space about flavors that allows people to peacefully enjoy wonderful food from the bustling city. Inspired by In Praise of Shadows by Japanese writer Junichiro Tanizaki, the architect tries to explore the connection between taste and vision to create a space that is “melting dimly, dully back, deeper and deeper”.

The light falling slowly from the ceiling was filtered and softened by the Polycarbonate panels. It is then gently blocked and defused by the white stone surface of the dinning table, making the upper part of the space with a gentle and homogeneoushue. The rest slices of light are absorbed by the dark shale when they touch the floor, which transits the lower part of the space into dimer tones. It not only whittles down people’s attention on the lower space, but also defines a blurring boundary in horizontal perspective, offering an infinite visual extension to the space.