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Three Gorges RV Park by Fan Life, China

To stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to find a pure land

where we could listen to birds' singing and watch clouds and stars

where all our worries would disappear...

Designed by Fan Life

Photos by Zhang Xiuming

Three Gorges RV Park , the first forest RV park facing rivers in China, is located within the forest park at the bank of Xiling Gorge along Yangtze River. The site is mainly canyons with great views of overlapping peaks and trees, deep gullies and craggy rocks. Architecture of the RV park constructed by specialized company are built according to the original terrain; they are scattered randomly over and hidden in the forest and mountains. Walking along these winding and freely flowing architecture makes one feel relaxed and comfortable.

The reception centre is a single building. The chandelier which combines old wood and green plants sets a natural and fresh tone for the space. The highlight of decoration of this spaces is the artistic expression of all shapes of hats and leather trunks, which makes the whole space being strongly poetic. What we hope is that all visitors could unload their burden here and integrate themselves completely into nature and give their mind a vacation.

Caiqiao Restaurant -- "For collecting firewoods the woodman goes deep into the mountains, where the valleys are deep and trees are overlapping"(by Poet Meng Haoran)

The dining area Caiqiao restaurant presents a simple, natural yet innovative atmosphere. Lots of handmade rattan lamps are used in the buffet area; the soft light casts shadows of the patterns of rattan lamps, while being simple and warm it creates great visual impact. In the bar area, the adoption of bullhorn chandelier and black leather bar stool adds a strong wild exotic atmosphere to this plain space. Sunlight gets through the light and white gauze and throws onto the dark grey stone bricks; drink a little wine and enjoy your great vacation here...

"Sometimes the scenery is just a state of mood."

Cabins scattered randomly over the forest are in different shapes and styles, so as to appeal to travelers with different approaches to connect with nature. Some cabins present scenes of northern Europe in late Autumn; where sunlight spreads on the mint green and wood toned space, making it appear simple and natural; and the staghorn chandelier adds a bit sense of wildness. Some cabins are like the Thai silk of southeast Asia, while being green inside and outside which presents a feeling of wooded uninhabited island, the wood material used conveys a sense of belonging.

For cabin of American country style, the light color wood flooring and ceiling presents together with the fabric sofa a cozy and free atmosphere. Cabin of rainforest style presents a Movie Set, a short-journey-like space that belongs to explorers. Cabin of wild style combines natural, rough and tough elements and is full of interest. For Eastern Zen styled cabin, rocks, bamboo shoots and withered wood interspersed over make the space simple and elegant; and the use of creative White Birch LED lights brings in a breathe of nature to the space. Invite some of your friends and choose your favorite style to explore the "Wizard of OZ" in this RV Park; to find the sympathetic response of soul under starry sky and in this lush ground.

"As the sun goes down the woodmen are becoming fewer and fewer, and the cold mountain breeze starts to blow." Mountains and rivers are the poems that we can never finish reading;

and we are part of the scenery inside and outside these poems.

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