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Huayue Court by Golucci Interior Architects

Delightful weather and beautiful prospects, which is used to describe Huayue Court.

The first time you step into Huayue Court, I am sure that you will be attracted by this fresh and pure blue, even cannot imagine this is a Chinese restaurant. However, who said Chinese restaurant could not be so beautiful? From ingredients to dishes, from the design to decoration, Huayue Court always interprets a new Chinoiserie restaurant.

Designed by Golucci Interior Architects

Photography by Luluxi

Ingredients and taste buds

Huayue Court focuses on integration and inheritance of traditional Chinese cuisine which includes Beijing Fruitwood Roast Duck, Huaiyang and Northern cuisine. What's more, it also joins Guangdong and Sichuan special local foods. That brings different food mix and unique dining experience. This is no doubt the fusion of food and the collision of taste buds.