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Ibirapuera Apartment by Casa 14 Arquitetura

São Paulo, 2017 – This never inhabited triplex covers 900m2 and is located nearby the Ibirapuera Park, in São Paulo (Brazil). Its original environments were fragmented and darkish. The project, signed by the architects of Casa14 Arquitetura, Mariana Andersen and Mariana Guardani, aimed at integrating the floors and stressing the character of the materials.

Designed by Casa 14 Arquitetura

Team: Max Heringer and Gabrieli Azevedo

Photography: Maíra Acayaba

The generous openings of the walls offered a visual connection between different environments in each of the three levels of the apartment. The Project also emphasized the relationship between the environment, gardens and circulations. The staircase - a folded steel plate lined with wood on the bottom and white stone on the top - appears as the sculptural element that interlinks the three decks. The vertical structure stands out.

Each floor was designed for a specific use. In this order: live, work and rest. On the first level are the rooms, kitchen and service area. The second was designed to receive a library of 5 thousand titles integrated into a garden where the resident works, reads and writes. The last level brings the leisure area, with a music studio, hot tub, sauna and a barbecue, permeated by a vertical garden in all its extension.

The furniture sheds light on the Brazilian design. The art pieces, carpets, among others, establish a counterpoint to the absence of ornaments and the straight lines of the residence.

The main materials - wood, glass, light stone and vegetation - allow a dialogue with the environment and produce a luminous and inspiring atmosphere for the resident, who works as a writer at home.

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