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ASSEMBLAGE Side Tables by Alain Gilles for Bonaldo

The Assemblage tables are the result of further reflection on the concept of mass in an item of furniture. This reflection began with the MASS table designed in 2016 for Bonaldo, which sees an archetypal massive base replaced by a lightweight metal structure recalling the typical 3D wireframe structures, generating a strong design impact.

Designed by Alain Gilles

With the Assemblage table, the mass that provides the stability to the base is constructed of cork. Cork is visually a very present material with its typical multicoloured structure, but with its low density aspect is usually associated with a lightweight material that floats, rather than a material which lends stability.

The cork, the material with the lighter mass, is treated in the design as the weight that holds the table up, thus creating a dialogue within the piece itself.

The Assemblage tables are, naturally, also about combining different shapes in a totem-like sculpture. The different pieces are assembled pretty much the same way as a child’s game, and then fastened together using a long bolt which runs through the different pieces.

It is an assemblage of two materials that have been turned, the cork and the wood, but that have a very different finish, as if they were two entities not made to be matched together.

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