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ARCO Furniture Collection for Houtique by Masquespacio

Masquespacio just finished the design of the Arco furniture collection for Houtique, a brand created by Really Nice Things.

Designed by Masquespacio

Photography by Luis Beltran

The design of the Arco collection starts clearly from its inspiration by the Seventies. Composed by a couch, chairs, tables and high stools this new collection designed by Masquespacio is builded up, as its name in Spanish indicates, from different rounded arcs that create a funny play of forms.

It is especially interesting to see how combining a cold and industrial material like metal, it is converted in an attractive and emotional design through soft forms with vivid colors. Using a velvet produced and commercialized by Houtique it has been the intention to add a touch of warmth to the design, maintaining an authentic aspect.

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