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Seven Star Yufeng Club by Super Normal Design

The project is located in Seven Star Yacht Club - China's most beautiful dock - in Dapeng Peninsula, Shenzhen. It has China's natural semi-concave harbor, and it is the main shooting site of movie The Mermaid. The owner's original thought was to build a sailing classroom for teenagers. However, when the designer came to this place - a peaceful and warm site that is far away from busy streets and facing the vast sea - he got another idea; the Seven Star Yufeng Club was thus born. It is a private club where you could listen to the sea, a professional school where you could learn about sea, and it has a single-story apartment with a full view of the sea.

Photography by WYAP

The designer retained the original white and simple architecture, added plants that are suitable for the beach, and used wood materials which give people a feeling of being close to the nature in some structures of the building. In this way, a more natural color was given to the original monotonous and cold building space, so while showing its extremely pure modernism style, the whole building was a symbol of vitality. Climbing the stairs, and you will get a wide view. The original white wall with wood color changes along with the direction of sunlight, as if it is wearing a casual coat of light and shadow.

The layout of the three floors was re-arranged; the second floor was built into a private party courtyard whose inside and outside space are totally open; the third floor was built into a habitable training room which meets the owner's original intention; the fourth floor was built into a full-functional holiday apartment. The outdoor staircase on the second floor leads directly to the fourth floor, where a full functional holiday leisure space is presented. Here, one can drink a cup of tea, chat a little bit, watch a movie, have fun , take a good rest, etc. While pure white makes the space simple and elegant, wood makes it warm and fashion. With beautiful melody playing, open your sleepy eyes in this natural and peaceful space, this kind of enjoyment is rare and precious.

As a main activity space, while meeting functional needs, the second floor is equipped with modern and cozy furniture within its black, white and gray interior space. Taking advantage of its transparent and open architectural structure, great views are introduced to the interior space, thus adding natural elements to the whole space, creating a warm and fresh atmosphere.

The third floor is the main studying and accommodation area for kids. The space is simple and bright - sunlight filters through the pure white sheer curtain of the floor-to-ceiling window, and spills onto the floor, a group of kids are listening to the class carefully... the fourth floor has been transformed into full functional vacation home with great sea view and it has a separate generatrix connection with the third floor. On the one hand, it enhances the ceremonial sense, and on the other hand, it is convenient for future independent operation. One could be extremely lazy here, laying in the bathtub and enjoying the sunset. After the transformation, this space has two modes of use: when there is no classes, it could be use as accommodation space or rented out as activity space; value created by this space could be increased in this way.

The terrace facing the sea is an extension of the interior space. The movable and lightweight seats meet the requirements of various activities. And it does not disturb the view of the interior space: the picturesque mountain, wind-driven clouds and singing sea.

The cozy layout of furnishings and green plants in the outdoor terrace and decorative paddles on the wall together create a pleasant and comfortable scenery. Enjoying the soft and fresh sea breeze, listening to the sound of ocean waves, looking up at the blue sky and white clouds, just relax and enjoy the feeling of quite evenings, sipping wine and chatting with friends in the terrace lit by the lights, everything's so relaxed and pleasant.

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