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Steps - outdoor seats at Greenwich Peninsula by Raw-Edges

‘Steps’ is a new concrete seating design, aimed to redefine how people use public space; we have designed ‘Steps’ as a cluster of concrete seats which will live outside NOW Gallery on Peninsula Square for the foreseeable future to create a place for two to nest, invite people to dwell, play, lean and relax in this new swathe of London and enjoy the developing surroundings.

Designed by Raw-Edges

Fabricated by Mass Concrete, the simplicity of the seating will both stand out from the contrast- ing concrete metropolis and blend into the surrounding verdant Peninsula gardens.

Our main inspiration was people's search for resting spots within the city; we can all find relaxing spots that were not designed to become seats like stairs, pavement edges or low brick walls. We looked into this behaviour; this hunter’s eye that looks for the ideal resting position, such as students during a lunch break, a group of builders having coffee on site or a bunch of friends sitting on the pavement and came up with this small urban landscape that is made from a cluster of concrete units. Each unit is like a scaled up domes c armchair, and when arranged together with their different heights, ‘these armchairs’ create an urban texture that invites people to step on, climb and relax

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