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Tao Hua Yuan by CL3 Archtiects Limited

Tea absorbs the spirit of the universe, appealing to men of letters throughout the ages. As a tea house to promote Chinese culture of tea drinking, while being innovative, Taohuayuan seeks to meet demands of modern life . The design utilized a quite Zen esthetic and simple style to bring a tranquil and free space to the bustling city.

Photography by Nirut Benjabanpot

The building is in a clear outline of single rectangles, tucked away in the forest just like a masterpiece of nature. While marble is strong and steady, the glass is clear and pure, thus the facade harmoniously combines hardness and softness, as well as virtual and real, giving the house a contemporary look. The interior becomes the extension of the architecture; simple materials such as wood, bamboo and marble are used together with concise lines to create Zen tranquility.

The overall palette remains simple and soft, incorporating traditional elements like scholar rocks, lanterns, paintings and works of art to create a tranquil environment that is one with nature. Scholar rocks are massive rocks recovered from the river beds with naturally eroded holes and wrinkles. 6 massive rocks sits on a platform of black mirror simulating water reflection. This serves as a piece of art installation as well as dividing the teahouse into semi-private zones. The verticality of the young forest is reinforced by the vertical lines in the interior design in the background of black glass.

Custom designed furniture and lighting combining interior hard decoration reflect the importance of balance in Chinese style. Low-rise furniture which prevailed in ancient times when people tended to "sit on the floor", as well as modern high-type furniture are used in the tea house. They are mainly made of wood and are in simple colors, containing both classical charm and fresh ideas, giving a contemporary interpretation to the Chinese cultural heritage.

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