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I think designers will go back to simplicity. | Nir Portal

Nir Portal is a one stop store that works with clients from the beginning of the architectural project to the end with an interior design. The office has a motto to allow their clients the freedom to extricate himself from the hassle or establishing a new business so that he can focus on kick-starting the business enterprise with a clear mind.


Q: Why did you get into Interior Design?

A: Interior design got into me and not the opposite…..

Q: How did you start up your career?

A: I started as an architect and felt I was luck of interior design skills. I went to practice in an interior design office and fell in love with it.

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

A: From so many things. Almost everything that touches me during the day can be inspiration. Starts from person I meet and ends with an object I the middle there is the world that surrounding me.

Q: Can you tell us about a significant accomplishment or project that you regard as notable?

A: Ramada plaza Agra India. It was a project made in love, connecting between cultures and deferent design discipline.

Q: Where would you like to see your company in 5 years from now?

A: Less work more money.

Q: What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

A: Restaurants, event halls, villas, showrooms and more.

Q: How do you think an Interior Designer should dress?

A: He has to dress in a unique way that reflects his art. Nothing ordinary.

Q: If you could design anything, what would it be?

A: My house in the next world

Q: What type of restaurant would you choose to go to for dinner?

A: Asian for sure.

Q: Can you give us a statement about Design

A: Do it well like everybody is watching, or don’t do it at all. And burn down Pinterest. It destroys our beautiful profession.

Q: If you could describe your designs related to food, what would it be and why?

A: I’m not sweet neither bitter, so I think spicy would be correct….

Q: What do you think of the design trends in the future?

A: I think designers will go back to simplicity.

Q: Who is your favourite Designer and why?

A: Not to offend so many great designers I adore I will answer: nature.

Q: In which country would you like to have your project in?

A: Japan

Q: What element of a design is the most important thing to you?

A: Lighting for sure

Q: What is your favourite cocktail?

A: Mojito.

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