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Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine by Shanghai Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design Co.

No matter how exquisite the concept and definition are, they most likely end up to be judge about "Form". Therefore chief designer from Shanghai Hip-pop as well as main designer of this project Mr. Sun said: we may reject any form of theory or opinion, however, we can't refuse the potential influence from the architectural and interior environment that we live in. It seems "what do you want to convey" is more significant than to argue "what it is".

Chief Architect: SUN Tianwen

Participating Architect: CAO Xindi

Photograph by ZHANG Jing

The seemingly roundabout self-praise is actually a spiritual attitude with great sincerity, and this is the reason why the designer took "Setsugekka" as the name of this restaurant in the very beginning.

Whether verses:"Tonight is snowing, someone must be passing the Hakone" by Matsuo Basho who is called "Forever Traveler";"What a pity that the moon is covered by blizzard" by Maruyama; or "Happy to see snow coming""Flowering is not for someone" or "Enjoy the bright moon for a long time"; in Japanese Waka&Haiku, Setsugekka represents natural beings, as well as joy and sadness emotions—for top space designers, the perfection of technique has already become prerequisite; what makes one's work out-performs other's is the vision and understanding of culture that contains greatness in simplicity.

The ultra-clear glass engraved with the sakura, blue led light band, complete black background of sushi counter...everywhere is amazing, but nowhere alone can give full expression to the sense of Zen of the whole space—only when all of these mix harmoniously, then an appropriate design is obtained. And it comes the most perfect cause and effect while the designer uses "appropriate" to describe honestly the design. As for the style of the design and the comment from the industry, both of which are attached great importance by other designers; yet Mr. Sun has not much interest in them.

The essence of Japanese Cuisine is "right time to eat", "you have to prepare for the snapper when you feel the chills in your heart"(quoted from Hirohisa Koyama).Besides fine knife skills and precise touch feel, to get a perfect Japanese Cuisine, your inner insight is the key, so dose design— while enjoying rippling blossom before the eyes, it comes the "aha moment". But the marvelous insight does not come for no reason, it dues to years of practicing experience in design industry.

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