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Sweet Samurai by Fromme & Blum, Germany

Sweet Samurai, Designed by Fromme & Blum Furniture made for a lifetime. Fairly manufactured to an honest price.

Different from „too much of everything“ Sweet Samurai is a furniture series concentrating on the essentials. No compromises. No frills. With caring responsibility.

This means: High concerns for the product and no throwaway mentality. To that end Sweet Samurai is made from bavarian wood and hand-welded steel frames, powder-coated in six lovely colours for a lifetime and at retail prices calculated transparently.

Products: Chair, Stool, Bar chair, Bench, Table (short & long version), Desk

Materials: beech, steel, powdered in lovely wild honey, energized and flashed yellow, fresh ice-green, warm-hearted dawn and of course in classic black and white … in matte

Sweet Samurai can be purchased at: Fromme & Blum Shop

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