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Design is a means to change life and embody value | Bernard Space Design

Bernard Space Design was founded by Zhang Zhi-wen in 2008, he leads his team to a committed field of commercial space, retail fashion brand space and corporate office space projects. This week he tells us how design trends should be associated with science and technology and where his inspiration comes from.


Q. Why did you get into Interior Design?

A. It's an interesting industry which can realise our own ideas.

Q. How did you start up your career?

A. I came to Shenzhen and engaged in space design industry after graduation, had the honour to get in touch with some predecessors in plans and brands, who had a great impact on my following design career.

Q. Where does your inspiration come from?

A. I don't think space design relies on inspiration, but teasing out logically. If I have to say, then inspiration is from things I've learned about life while teasing out logically.