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Q. Why did you get into Interior Design?

A. I was raised in Hong Kong, well known to be a small and compact City but ever since moving to Australia to study, I realised how different it was over there. I was surrounded by beautiful and different environments and that's where my passion in design began. I wanted to bring these beautiful environments into Hong Kong too.

Q. How did you start up your career?

A. After finishing my Interior Architecture Degree in Australia I had an opportunity to help design a boutique hotel with a friend in Hong Kong. Which I really enjoyed and from then on I started up my own company - ARTTA Concept Studio.

Q. Where does your inspiration come from?

A. Conversing with new people that I meet and seeing new things.

Q. Can you tell us about a significant accomplishment or project that you regard as notable?

A. An industrial building conversion hotel project, because there were many regulations and architectural manners that needed to be fulfilled. We came across a lot of challenges but pulled through it and created a seamless design for the Hotel.

Q. Where would you like to see your company in 5 years from now?

A. Looking forward to more challenging projects, growing our company with new designers joining us and working with clients all over the world.

Q. What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

A. Cinemas, Hotels and Restaurants

Q. How do you think an Interior Designer should dress?

A. I believe designers do not have a specific look, as long as they feel comfortable. I think people stereotype us to wear black uniforms, but we really don't have uniforms!

Q. If you could design anything, what would it be?

A. A Theme Park for kids and adults.

Q. What type of restaurant would you choose to go to for dinner?

A. Any restaurant with good character and good food.

Q. Can you give us a statement about Design.

A. The first 50% of a project is achieved by firstly solving the problem, the other half is about creating a smart and beautiful idea to finish it.

Q. If you could describe your designs related to food, what would it be and why?

A. A mixture of Japanese, to keep that Asian touch combined with French cuisine, because the presentation of a dish is just as important as the taste.

Q. What do you think of the design trends in the future?

A. I don't believe in trends, all projects are individually unique, as long as the style executes and maximises the concept, then a trend really doesn't matter in the end.

Q. Who is your favourite Designer and why?

A. All the designers, because they are like my mentors; who are passionate and appreciate their work.

Q. In which country would you like to have your project in?

A. Japan, because their culture really appreciates design.

Q. What element of a design is the most important thing to you?

A. A client that understands your work.

Q. What is your favourite cocktail?

A. Gin Martini with an olive, stirred well but not shaken.

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