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Heart of Paris by T.M Design Studio, Taiwan

As the family has lived in America for a long time, they wanted to make sure when they were moving back to Taiwan, they did not lose that familiar home feeling they had grown used to in America. They decided, for their new apartment in Taichung City, to choose the style of the interior to be in an American style, but mixed with a modern look. To make it more simple and casual but still having that elegant feel and atmosphere. The space which the family cares for most was the dining room. They enjoy hosting and having friends over regularly to eat so an island and at least eight seats were added which gives plenty of space for hosting friends. The materials used in this apartment include steel pieces with titanium coating, pine plywood, white marble, wood herringbone parquet floor for the bedrooms and Pandomo for the public floor. The large use of white and gray paints, mixed with a main pastel green color and gold hardware accessories, add more unique personality and a warm feeling into this space. The whole space shows the co-operation and cohesion between different materials and chosen furniture.

Photography by MD Pursuit

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