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Blossom Dreams - Yangshuo Xiatang Boutique Hotel by Co-Direction Interior Design

Flowing rivers, beautiful peaks and endless flowers give Yangshuo impressionistic landscapes, making people sink into deep reverie and attachment. It is the time's gifts for Xiatang County with old brick and detritus, long slabstone street, and turbulence of Yulong River under the ancient bridge of thousands of years' history. Collaborated with Co-Direction Interior Design, Blossom Dreams Hotel selected the site of its first boutique hotel in Xiatang, Yangshuo, which is among dreamy mists and flowers, fitting the leisureliness of soul. The overall design of the hotel combines historical and cultural elements, which conveys sentiment in scene and returned to the original nature.

Architecture, landscape and interior design: Co-Direction Interior Design

Decoration Design: Co-Direction Spatial Aesthetics

Chief designers: Jiang Xiaolin, Min Yao, Wang Donglei, Qu Yunlong

Design team: Chen Magui, Song Sen

Photographer: Jing Xufeng

Design began in a four-sided transparent blank frame, and the designers started from the building to make a comprehensive design planning and transformation from the landscape to the interior and decoration. Building facade adopted white texture coating with rhythmic wood grain grille, forming a coordinated sequence with traditional aesthetic and holiday atmosphere.