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AUM Arquitetos unifies five sets in the corporate project of the Via Consulting Headquarter in São P

The headquarter of the information technology company Via Consulting in São Paulo (Brazil) has a project signed by the AUM Arquitectos office, led by the brazilian architects André Dias Dantas, Bruno Vitorino and Renato Dalla Marta. The company is in a building with a singular characteristic: each user is required to construct the second metal floor with an area and geometry to better care for the demands of each company.

Photography by Renato Dalla Marta

Result of the unification of five commercial spaces, totaling 290m², the project sought the configuration of an open environment, which would provide the synergy of the entire company meanwhile would be protecting the departments with specific features and functionality.

The emphasis of the project is at the area of ​​decompression and conviviality that includes an eating area as a help surface for coffee break and social interaction of the entire team, a table for chats and quick meetings, a lounge with TV and video game and rest area.

The central space, which also covers the metal access ladder to the upper floor, is the physical and visual connection point of the entire company, a feature reinforced by a ceiling height and differentiation on the floor covering. The tenuous division of this space with the near working areas occurs through partitions with niches that shelter diverse vegetation and guarantee the desired visual protection, without providing a total isolation on the environments.

The diagonal arrangement of part of the layout optimized the circulation and the internal space, allowing a greater number of workstations and enabling a better use of the whole in the organization of each space.

All the sprinkler, grid and electrical infrastructure has been exposed, revealing materials and pathways, same concept adopted for the structural part, where beams and concrete pillars, originally coated, were sanded and treated, showing its constructive method as well.

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