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A Masterpiece in Milan | Studio Marco Piva

Photography by Filippo Avandero.

Marco Piva the Founder of award winning Studio Marco Piva tells us how they have projects in 4 different continents and possibly more in years to come. Piva also explains how important Milan lifestyle has inspired him on some of his work.


Q: Why did you get into Interior Design?

A: When I was a child, I used to look at the construction/object that surrounded me, playing with them and imagining how they could be different. Becoming a designer was an inner inspiration, that’s why I decided to Study for this.

Q: How did you start up your career?

A: When I started my career, in mid ’70, promoting one-self work was much more difficult than now. There wasn’t internet, just a few press, “ word of mouth”, and public occasions.What happened, in the early ’80, is that with my partners I attended, with my partner of Studiodada Associated, to an “ideas competition", organized by “Triennale di Milano” and curated by Alessandro Mendini. Our project - a complex of very detailed drawings, writings and images, won the selection and was proposed for the exhibition. I was contacted by one of the best and most dynamic companies in the furniture sector, which acquired rights to develop it. That was my beginning

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

A: I am extremely curious, my eyes can catch any single variation in the voice tone, expression, shape and colours of a scene or of a picture. Inspirations of my projects can come from a book, a movie or a song, by a gesture, a work of art, an emotion or a scene from real life that I attended. I like to walk along streets and square beside the local people to understand or, at least to perceive the spirit of a place.

Q: Can you tell us about a significant accomplishment or project that you regard as notable?

A: I would say Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan, one of my latest project, completed in 2015, in just two years it had won 9 architectural and design awards, such as the World’s leading suite in 2016 for the Katara Suite that I’ve designed.

The entire project concept is a reference to the Milan lifestyle, to the unique set of dynamic elements that have always been a feature of the life of the city where I was born, characterized by an emphasis on newness, beauty, fashion, design. So I’m really glad to have done a masterpiece for my city.

Q: Where would you like to see your company in 5 years from now?

A: Far far away! We are working on many project right now, in 4 different continents. Maybe in 5 years I will catch the fifth!

Q: What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

A: Currently my Studio is engaged in the development of hotel complexes and prestigious private houses around the world, and in the creation of design furniture and complements for the main companies in this field. As an example, with prestigious villas are under construction in Beverly Hills and Dubai, we are making the interiors of a 5 star luxury Hotel in Algeria and working on the Feng Tai Business Cluster, the Yuhang cultural Center and the Dianshan Lake Master Plan in China.

Q: How do you think an Interior Designer should dress?

A: As he feels comfortable! There is no an etiquette, quite often I use to wear jeans, but I have always an elegant jacket with me.

Q: If you could design anything, what would it be?

A: The tallest tower in the word!

Q: What type of restaurant would you choose to go to for dinner?

A: Quite, elegant, intimate. When I go to a restaurant, I want to relax and enjoy the food in a calm atmosphere.

Q: Can you give us a statement about Design

A: Design to me, is a strong synergy between culture and history, research and project, originality and authenticity.

Q: If you could describe your designs related to food, what would it be and why?

A: I really like all food, when I am abroad I like to experiment everything. But, if I have to choose, I like the real taste of the food, so I don’t mix it with sauces and spices, just a bit of salt.

Q: What do you think of the design trends in the future

A: There are a number of issues, with the evolution of today's society, that are assuming an increasing importance in the fulfilment of an architectural project or design product. he trend of the future will be to put technology, and design, at the service of the environment, creating new objects or projects that start from ethics, and achieve the aesthetics.

Q: Who is your favourite Designer and why?

A: I do believe that the roots of the Italian approach to Architecture and Design come from giants like Leonardo Da Vinci, Donatello, Leon Battista Alberti, Palladio. About architecture, I have always been fascinated by the opposite work of Alvar Aalto and Mies van der Rohe, masters of modern architecture and design.

Q: In which country would you like to have your project in?

A: Australia

Q: What element of a design is the most important thing to you?

A: To me, “design”, is an essential component of my cultural environment where attention to social evolution and trends, combined with technical researches leads to innovation and more sustainable way of living. The most important thing is the functionality of the product. Colours, Size, lightings are a consequence.

Q: What is your favourite cocktail?

A: Spritz or Negroni

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