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Xinwei Office by SOESTHETIC GROUP, Ukraine

According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the world is made up of five basic elements: Water, Fire, Wood, Metal and Earth. The permanent nature of Water - to be wet and to flow down; Fire – to burn, and to rise up; Wood – to resist bending and straightening; Metal - to submit to external influence and change; the nature of the Earth is to take the seed and to yield a harvest.


Photography Andrey Avdeenko

The main accents of the interior are giant chrome "drops" that represent the first and the main element – Water. Plants located throughout the space and the "living wall" are expressions of Wood and Earth. Fire is brought with warm decorative lighting and in safe fireplaces that use ethanol fuel and which are lit at sunset. Finally, we introduced Metal by including aircraft engine turbines in the interior.

During our preliminary planning we decided to weave together the offices, with panoramic windows and stunning views of Kyiv, with the exhibition area, where Chinese cultural showpieces and Xinwei's innovative products are on exhibit.

Interesting feature is the design of the meeting rooms which are freestanding translucent cylinders of different diamaters. Another highlight of the interior is the 20-meter interactive projection along the main front wall which can be easily changed to alter the atmosphere inside the office-museum.

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