Apartment and Office Building Schlachthausgasse by Coophimmelb(l)au, Vienna - Austria

The six stories complex is composed of an Apartment Building with 82 dwellings and an Office Building with approx. 12.000 m² of office surface. Parking for 260 cars is integrated into the deep basement.

Designed by Coop himmelb(l)au

The two slender constructed volumes are arrayed one after the other, and structured individually through the application of special building components. The striking staircases and a large boardroom emerge sculpturally from the façade surface as independent components. These components both permit a better use of natural light and optimize internal functional processes.

In the so called “Head Building” a youth centre with approx. 450 m² effective area and own meeting spaces in the basement is located.

The remaining part of the property forms a garden yard which is acoustically separated from the high-traffic, busy Schlachthausgasse.

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