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Met Duck Restaurant by Twentyfour Studio, Paragon Mall, Semarang - Indonesia

Met Duck is definitely one of the most conceptual restaurant in Semarang. Brief from the owner was to create a restaurant that was light, modern, lively and casual. According to their philosophy, Met Duck represent a place where many people gather and talk like a duck. They wanted this place to be bright and lively for breakfast, with plenty of natural light. The biggest notes was it must be a budget savvy project.

Designed by Twentyfour Studio

Sandwiches by the turquoise window panels and bronze metal details, hang on the center wall, a painting titled Mother of Duck. A duck who serves as the restaurant’s hostess. On the other side, we assembly eggshell casings as a wall feature, the idea came from a desire to recycle While papers are too britle for wall decorations, we used the casings as moulds for a mixture of concrete and water that were painted and affixed to the wall. On top of the casings are a series of copper duck footprints that show ducklings following their mother.

This modern space has been cleverly laid out to create a sophisticated and welcoming environment for small, intimate gatherings as well as medium parties. What makes this concept work so well is the details and fresh decorative finishes which pampering audience with the experience of dining.

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