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Attractive Party Central, JASON Delicacy Without Boundaries by CUN Design, Beijing

There is no shortage of delicacies and fine dining restaurants in Sanlitun Village, but the Jason Delicacy Without Boundaries is quite special as a halfway decent fashion place, which specializes in creative fusions seasonal cuisine. Before being a new attractive party central. The Jason once was a cold and elegant select shop where the grey is his main color. The design for the raw space brings transformation to him. It is generally accepted that, in the design world, functions of space are always fixed to its design. However, in my opinion, the design idea is different in this work.

Designed by CUN Design

Lead designer: Cui Shu

Considering that both the Jason’s owner and chief Jason who is from Nanjing are respecting a same concept that no boundaries between cuisine and wine, it is as well applied in this design work. “Comparing to traditional restaurants, cassettes can be everywhere,there didn’t at home but more comfort in Jason to stay with friends.”

Even though the huge change of design style happing in Jason, which from a cold, independent and old-American style to a lively, fusion and even a little luxuriant continental style, lots of elements are kept in this process. Firstly, the spiral stairs replaces former straight stairway leaning against the wall, highlighting spaciousness by setting it in the middle of space. Secondly, adding industrialization features in design element by remaining rusty textures of metallic appearance, which intensifies the overall modern sense of space based on the previous consciousness of time. Otherwise, the metal spiral stairs refresh the room organization,emphasizing the form feeling of first floor as well as making room for the counter.

On the wall of stairs of second floor, there was a restoring mural The Garden of Earthly Delights before. Since it is an oil painting, we make a decision to remake the mural to old European-style texture by printing the picture on the printable baseboard made of kaolin clay, which now keeps the original appearances of cob bricks concreting piece by piece. From my point of view, design is keeping right and subtracting inappropriate. In terms of the Jason, the meaning of the idea is to achieve this by constantly changing its scenes and functions in the same space, just like the mural that which is an interesting attempt in this time, since there are kinds of amazing life scenes matching to the overall feeling of the restaurant. Moreover, referring to the second floor, we make more rooms for possible flexible activities. Considering the concept of no boundaries among cuisines, space functions as well as different identities and so on, there are not immovable cassettes on this floor. Customers can share the long table, while other booths can do space “permutation and combination” of probability in math. Therefore, there always have variety of parties on the second floor, and meanwhile that won’t disturb other customers’ experiences. In the whole process of transformation from shop to dining room, the primary point is to create related dining atmosphere, lifting interactivity between people. In previous, people on the second floor couldn’t see the view of first floor and stairs between them, even the chairs downstairs. The staircase before was only a function setting. While, now, the spiral style of stairway cuts apart original integral store to one by one distinct space-focused parts. Hence, people here are not disturbed but also connecting with each other. In another word, the atmosphere of Jason is alive and cozy even there are few customers.

The ground of first floor is made of hexagonal tiles because there are lots of straight and “L” shape elements around here. By using this kind of tiles and ceiling, as well as adding curved-shape of stairs passing through the space, all that make contribution to a new DNA of spaciousness to Jason. It is also ingenious to add hexagon element to the grids of green plants on the wall and ceiling more than tiles, which can be regarded as a punch-line in this work to enrich the indoor spaciousness as much as possible and build in various new characters.

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