New face of Lollypop Cafe by Creativ Interior, Bucharest

New face of Lollypop Cafe, Food & Bar, Bucharest

Designed by Creativ Interior

Lollypop Cafe has gained the fame over the years through services and quality products, and this year the beneficiary requested the design services of Creative Interior team to change the image and atmosphere of this place.

As designers we went on the idea of the experience that have to feel the customer when he is entering in this interior. Although the name makes you think of the colored and childish lollipops, we have decided to keep the "seriousness" of the space, but also bring them some brightly colored accents, which refreshes the environment.

Although the space was difficult as the architecture (a lot of columns, beams and niches), our challenge was to get from it all the best. In this regard we have proposed several models of wallpaper print with the pop-art and glamor theme, 3D panels and decorative profiles or conserved muscles, everything to mask "the space imperfections".

The interior focus is presented by the chandelier in modern style with art-deco influences that change the atmosphere of the place, especially at night when it gets dark.Today you can relax and enjoy the international cuisine in this welcoming and gentle space. Lollypop cafe is waiting for you!

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