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Showflat A1 & H of Chengdu CR Bund Briliance Phase II by Li Jianmei - China

Designed by Li Jianmei

Photography by Jianghe Architectural Photography

Room Type A1, 180㎡

When designing the overall living scene, the designer centers on elegant and comfortable furniture and matches brushed stainless steel decorations so as to enrich space hierarchy and texture, creating a French, high-end, luxury and romantic atmosphere.

Stepping into the living room, low brightness main colors along with Macaron blue creates a comfortable visual experience. All the lamps adopted are fashionable in style. The transparent glass material and light shape of the main light make a higher visual sense of the living room. Furnishings with bright colors and simple lines are placed on the elegant gray rug. Against the background of abstract sandstone decorative picture in gray-blue hues, the space is exquisitely refined and elegant. The dining room is connected with the living room, where the Makaron blue is added to the elegant main tone. Plus the free floral arrangement on the dining table, decorations strewn at random and the mirror sandstone decorative picture on the wall, all the elements are integrated to create a warm and elegant dining space with rich hierarchy.

Open kitchen area is divided into different function spaces by a bar. White cabinets, black bar chairs and kitchen appliances, together with floor and walls in gray tone, make visual effects of black, white and gray, creating a clean and elegant atmosphere. The master bedroom adopts the main colors of the living room, where well designed lamps emit soft lights and the bedding is warm and soft. Together with furniture and handmade artwork in simple lines, the space looks stylish and romantic. The parents' room is decorated in warm gray tones to create a serene and restful environment; while the boy's room is designed with Batman as the theme, which is well-suited to a boy's nature; the girl's room incorporates more Makarons as harmonizing colors, along with the round bed, small chamfering wardrobe and cute bedding, creating a space full of children's naiveté and fun.

Room Type H 216㎡

This project advocates the combination of nature and humanities, and it adopts the interspersed animals and plants of nature to increase the vividness of the space. It presents a high quality leisure life style full of cultural ambience. With the dominant colors of glacier gray and taupe and partial embellishment of ocean blue, the color combination is harmonious and warm. Together with the flying birds decoration on the background wall, it gives the room a quiet atmosphere. The overall furniture style is steady and simple, and the rounded furniture not only softens the toughness of square building, but also fits the tradition of the East.

Matched to the arc of furniture, the 3D painting by Jan Maarten Voskuil becomes the visual focus of the living room, highlighting the modern style of furniture. Contrasted to the lusterless walnut veneer, all the lamps, furniture and accessories are embellished by anti-fingerprint brushed champagne gold, following low-profile luxury style through to the end. The choice of accessories breaks the traditional habits, which is in line with international trends and following no set form.

The background wall of dining room echoes the flying birds decoration in the living room, where light-colored leather dining chair is matched with wood table. Along with green plant decoration full of rural feeling, the dining room is naturally harmonious and noble. In the study, the bookshelf is decorated by walnut wood grille, matched with a concisely designed desk, as well as decorative wall paintings enriched with strong sense of modernization, the eastern and western elements coexist harmoniously. Following the overall design style, gray is the main tone of master bedroom, where there are comfortable gray-blue sofa chair, walnut wood furniture and anti-fingerprint brushed champagne gold lamps, revealing a natural and warm atmosphere in the low-profile luxury. The design lines of boy's room are simple and concise, and Spider-Man themed ornaments are decorated everywhere, adding fun to the rational space.

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