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Folli Follie Concept Store by E23 Interior Designers, Central - Hong Kong

In keeping with a desire to build upon and consolidate their global position in the affordable luxury sector, Folli Follie knew it would take more than an evolution of the look of their retail stores. They needed a revolution.

Photography by Mr Kirk Kenny

After securing a marquee property in the heart of Hong Kong’s bustling Central district, Folli Follie knew that in order to stand out in this crowded segment, they had to stand for something. Enter E23 Interior Designs.

Rather than simply viewing the retail space as an aesthetically pleasing four walls within which to sell product, E23 sought a brand-first approach that prioritised brand-storytelling, customer journey and user-experience.

The challenge, however, was not simply applying these new experiential elements to one store, but rather, translating them across a wide variety of global points of sale, including Athens, London, Beijing and New York. From large flagship stores, to standalone boutiques, to shop-in-shop retail spaces, E23 was tasked with creating a flexible yet coherent design approach.

Several design features were identified as iconic and adapted into modular furnishings to fit all store types: the Diamond Cloud chandelier that pulls the eye skyward in a nod to the light fashion category; the Aquarium Showcases that presents merchandise as objects suspended in time and space; the Sea of Flowers where handbags are displayed as petals in the wind; and the Fantasy Wall where mirrors and merchandise allow customers to interact with their imagination as much as the product.

The design has been a widely acclaimed commercial success, despite challenging economic conditions in the sector globally, and has since been successfully rolled out across numerous points of sale in Asia and Europe.

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